Dental Emergencies at Rockford Pediatric Dentistry

As mothers ourselves, we understand that there is nothing more frightening or upsetting than when your child gets hurt. Unfortunately, dental emergencies are fairly common, from toddlers bumping their faces on coffee tables, to sports injuries, to dental infections. At Rockford Pediatric Dentistry, our specialists have extensive training in the management of dental emergencies, so we can help your child get back to feeling their best.


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“Kids are the best part of humanity; they will always put a smile on your face. Working with children, there is NEVER a boring or unhappy day at work! I love what I do.”

“Kids are the best part of humanity; they will always put a smile on your face. Working with children, there is NEVER a boring or unhappy day at work! I love what I do.”

What is considered a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies can vary in severity. We always encourage parents to come into our office for an examination if they are concerned their child is suffering from a dental emergency. Whether from physical trauma or from an infection, dental emergencies are managed in various ways. Our pediatric dentist will determine if care should be provided the same day, if antibiotics need to be prescribed, or if your child is better managed by an oral surgeon or in a hospital setting. As pediatric specialists, we have extensive experience managing these emergencies, and are here to ensure that your child is treated promptly.


If you have concerns about whether your child should be seen at our office or in another setting, call our office so that our pediatric dentist may triage your child appropriately.


If your child is experiencing any concussion symptoms along with their dental injury, such as nausea, vomiting, headache, amnesia, dizziness, confusion, or fatigue, head to the emergency room.

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As moms ourselves, we empathize with parents and treat every child as if they were our own. There is nothing more rewarding to us than watching your child grow into a happy and confident dental patient, ready to take on the world with their healthy smile!



Toothaches can vary in severity. Children are not always accurate in describing their pain level or pain frequency, which is why we encourage parents to bring their child in for an evaluation if families have a concern about a toothache. In the office, we can perform an exam, take x-rays, and determine if a toothache is an emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. A toothache emergency usually involves spontaneous pain, pain that causes a child to cry, or pain that is keeping a child awake at nighttime. The most severe toothache can lead to infection of the tooth and swelling of the face. Call our office today if you have concerns about your child experiencing a severe toothache.

Fractured Tooth

Children can chip their teeth when we least expect it! If your child has chipped their tooth and you have concerns about the severity of the injury, call our office to schedule an emergency visit. Our pediatric dentist will determine the best course of action after evaluating the severity of the tooth fracture.

Tooth Avulsion

Avulsion is the term for when a tooth completely falls out from a physical injury. If a baby tooth is avulsed, we do not place the tooth back into the socket. If an adult tooth is avulsed, we want to immediately replant the tooth into its socket—it is imperative you bring your child to our office as soon as possible. If you cannot replant the tooth into the socket at the site of injury, place the tooth in a cup of cow’s milk and head to the dentist immediately! At the office, we may take x-rays, splint the teeth, prescribe an antibiotic, and give additional after care instructions.

Displaced Tooth

Sometimes, instead of a tooth being chipped, the entire tooth can be displaced in the jaw, leading to misalignment of the teeth. This can prevent children from biting down properly. If you have concerns about tooth displacement in your child, call our office promptly to be seen for an emergency exam.


Our Dental Team

Our doctors have gone through additional years of training so that they are best equipped to provide a safe and enjoyable visit for your child. Like a pediatrician, we are experts in providing dental care for children.


Empowering Children

We love what we do! Nothing brings us more joy than seeing your child laugh, leave with a smile, and feel excited for their next visit! Your child will get to pick their own toothbrush and flavor of toothpaste and enjoy fun prizes


Comfortable Environment

Often, positive childhood dental experiences can manifest into a lifetime of oral health. Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, and fun environment for your child, while providing state-of-the-art pediatric dental care.


Rockford Pediatric Dentistry

At Rockford Pediatric Dentistry, we are passionate about providing a safe, positive, and happy environment for your family. Our goal is to provide the most efficient and effective treatment in a dental emergency. As mothers ourselves, we treat all of our patients as if they were our own children. We understand how important it is to treat your family with compassion, the most up to date dental technologies, and the highest standard of care. We strive to earn your trust and provide consistent quality for your family. Call today to make Rockford Pediatric Dentistry your new dental home.

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