Sedation Dentistry (GA & IV) at Rockford Pediatric Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is beneficial in offering and providing you with a stress-free and a more relaxing experience when you are undergoing dental treatment. It will allow you to receive the treatment you need even if you are dealing with anxiety about visiting a dentist, reducing any dental phobia. The various kinds of sedation all provide specific benefits and are recommended in different situations.


Dental anxiety can create an unnecessary obstacle when it comes to your dental care. According to the American Dental Association, around 25 percent of the adult population will often skip their dental appointments because of their apprehension of the dental office. Advanced dentistry techniques now provide more solutions for finding your peace of mind and quiet relaxation in the dental chair. Sedation dentistry is an easy and successful option for managing and controlling your dental anxiety.


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“Kids are the best part of humanity; they will always put a smile on your face. Working with children, there is NEVER a boring or unhappy day at work! I love what I do.”

“Kids are the best part of humanity; they will always put a smile on your face. Working with children, there is NEVER a boring or unhappy day at work! I love what I do.”

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

The benefits of administering sedation dentistry can be significant. The primary benefit from applying sedation dentistry is the reduction of any anxiety during your procedure. Sedation dentistry is significantly beneficial when it comes to reducing anxiety. Sedation dentistry is such an extremely easy and effortless way to diminish those anxiety concerns. Sedation dentistry will also reduce, minimize, or eliminate tooth and gum sensitivity, which then helps reduce gag reflexes.


One of the unusual benefits of sedation dentistry is that you may think that your procedure lasted just a few minutes, when it actually took considerably longer. Sedation dentistry also allows your team at Rockford Pediatric Dentistry to perform more effectively, which then translates into a solution where all parties benefit, because your procedure is finished quicker. A true win-win.

The Levels of Sedation

There are several options available, which include local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, and intravenous sedation. The best approach for you will be determined by the procedure to be performed, and we will discuss your choices with you to help you feel less anxious and comfortable during your treatment.

Mild Sedation- If our goal at Rockford Pediatric Dentistry is to relieve your anxiety, then this will be our preferred choice. Mild sedation simply reduces your anxiety levels and also decreases the level of your discomfort. Sometimes, it can eliminate any discomfort completely.

Medium Sedation- Medium sedation will be the better option if your scheduled procedure is expected to be more invasive or intense. You will be in a deeper state of relaxation during medium sedation. You might also experience some amnesia from this sedation, so it will be necessary to plan to have someone drive you home after your procedure.

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The Types of Dental Sedation Available

The sedation options Rockford Pediatric Dentistry offer is classified as one of two types, conscious sedation, and general anesthesia. Your consciousness is simply depressed slightly during your procedure with conscious sedation. With general anesthesia it means that you are unconscious during the entire procedure. You will not feel anything whatsoever during your procedure and will have no recall of the treatment.

The methods for the delivery of the sedation include:

  • Nitrous Oxide- This is a popular choice. Nitrous oxide is quite common and the mildest option. The method for administering nitrous oxide is with a mouthpiece. As you breathe in the nitrous oxide, you will enter a relaxed state. This process will reduce anxiety and discomfort which might be associated with your procedure. The level of sedation and the recovery from the sedation is both quite easy to control with this method of delivery of sedation.
  • IV Sedation: Intravenous Sedation, or IV, is a more intensive form of sedation. During your IV sedation, you enter into a state of unconsciousness. It is quite common to experience amnesia with this method, not remembering the treatment or procedure at all. You will also need to plan to have someone take you home after your procedure.

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